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Latest reviews for Royce's Towing & Recovery 5/5.0 stars (34 reviews)

Nick in Bainbridge, GA *****
Gator was our driver, he was great! Picked us up earlier than expected and was a pleasure to ride with. Highly recommended!
TaMiko in Thomasville, GA *****
Thanks to Robert Love for the assistance on my tire change on 84 East leaving out of Bainbridge Georgia.
Timothy in Cairo, GA *****
Awesome Service!

My wife and I were enjoying fishing. We were about to leave due to the extreme heat. Before leaving, we decided to explore a path that could possibly lead to a better fishing area. To our surprise, we got stuck in mud at Tired Creek Lake (Cedar Spring Rd landing area). Despite all our attempts to free ourselves, it was apparent were not going anywhere.

We called Royce's and told them of our situation.

Within 20 minutes here comes the tow truck. To see that truck coming down the lane was the most beautiful

Unfortunately, I can not remember the young man's name, but he was very friendly and professional. Also, the dispatch was a pleasure to work with as well.

We certainly made some memories that day

We would recommend Royce's Towing to everyone.
Jennifer in Macon, GA *****
Our vehicle broke down on the way back from FL on Easter. Robert picked us up and did a great job towing us to the dealership and even dropped us off after that at a nearby restaurant to wait the next two hours for our ride since the rental car place was closed. He was super nice and helpful.
Rivers in Tallahassee, FL *****
Damien came to my rescue today basically in the middle of nowhere! After waiting over THREE HOURS for the national three letter company to call and they didn't I called them. They hadn't even found a truck to get me. I called Royce's at the suggestion of a friend and his brother the minister (after 4pm). Within 20 minutes of the call here comes Damien to the rescue! Fast, professional, courteous and caring, he took my SUV and me back to Tallahassee into 5:00 traffic and handled it as a pro! Thank you again for having a great team member like Damien on the road to help others!!!!!!
Elaine in North Port, FL *****
My dad had a flat tire at Tired Creek Cemetery. Called Royce's and had EXCELLENT service from dispatch thru getting the tire changed. I can't remember the young lady's name, but she was awesome. Had the old tire off and new one pumped up and replaced very quickly. Wait time for her to get there was very quick. Maybe a half hour or so. AND they worked with Dad's insurance company! Win! Win! Definitely recommend them!
Jasmine in Bainbridge, GA ****
Great customer service and fast service.
Kim in Tallahassee, FL *****
Royce towing came through for us In 30min from call to truck drop off! Our driver, Chris was very professional, friendly and there when we needed assistance! Quick credit card payment accepted and receipt texted on the spot. I would highly recommend this company! We sure appreciated the GREAT service!
Tiffany in Bainbridge, GA *****
Hulk was awesome! Great customer services!
Hannah in Tallahassee, FL *****
We were headed to Thomasville from Tallahassee and my car died on the way. After realizing we actually needed a tow instead of a jump start, the estimated wait time was two hours due to staffing and business. Damien arrived MUCH quicker and was so helpful and professional. Damien was truly a lifesaver and went above and beyond to help us. I would definitely recommend Royce’s Towing with staff like Damien (Liberty towing), he really made our experience better given the circumstances.
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