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Latest reviews for Royce's Towing & Recovery 5/5.0 stars (31 reviews)

Kellie in Ochlocknee, GA *****
Royce’s had someone at my location in less than an hour! Alen was so friendly and professional!
ATL Logistics in Colquitt, GA *****
This is the best tow experience ever. I was down and out truck stuck and sliding off the road and none of the other wreckers cared. One guy answered and hung up in my face that was from colquitt ga after stating he wasn’t available without me getting a word in. Katie with Royce answered and sent two very nice guys (Steven and Tyler to my Rescue). Very professional and made my disaster to a very good ending.

I want to very much thank The drivers Tyler and Steven And the dispatch Katie. Awesome people
Nadine in Bainbridge, GA *****
This company was the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. After 48 hours or waiting for AAA to dispatch someone to tow my car(AAA) never showed. A reputable automotive company suggested Royces. From the first call, the customer service was professional and made me wish I had called sooner. Gator is the BEST, he was so efficient and truthful. He informed me when I called that they were swamped, but to call him back after1. I called and he could help me, I was overcome with emotions. True to his word he would have my car on the truck by 2. Huck, was so patient, and handled my baby with such care. Kudos to Huck. The way he treated my car, shows that he loves his job and people too. I programmed Gator’s number in my phone and I will be passing the number to anyone who needs a tow. Keep up your out of this world service. I wish I could give more stars, you made me believe in people again.
Nicole in Bainbridge, GA *****
Hulk was very patient and professional!! Thank you for your professionalism and mannerism in my difficult time!! Royce is always my go to and you confirmed one of the reasons why!!
Shatoya in Cairo, GA *****
Huck, Thank you so must for your service. Ive never meat someone so dedicated to what they do. You are truley a blessing. Next time i need a tow I hope your the one to do it you are very respectful and patient. Thanks
Huck in Cairo, GA *****
Huck i really appreciate what you did for me today ive never meat a person so committed the their job. Cistomer service was the best i've ever had dealing with a towing service. Keep up the good work hope next time i need a tow you'll be the one to deliver. Get at Huck if you need a towing at Royces Towing.
Thanks so much
Nicole in Bainbridge, GA *****
When in a strenuous situation of getting my daughter’s car towed to Alabama, I was at the end of my rope! Gator called prior to service and provided detailed and informative pick up information and was on time! He called at the point of delivery and notified me that the vehicle was safely at the repair shop!! Awesome level of professionalism!!
Zeljka in Thomasville, GA *****
Amazing service! I needed my car towed today and Huck at Royce’s was there to help. He was awesome, super careful with my car, and was very pleasant. Having car issues is never a fun time but at least I know who to call!
Linda in ATTAPULGUS, GA *****
I want to give a big shout to Gator. He was very helpful and friendly. If I ever need a tow again I know who to call.
Antonio in Bainbridge, GE *****
Mr Bryant was by far the most efficient tow man I’ve ever had the experience of dealing with. Thank you Royce Towing & your staff!
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